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A journalist helping humans understand how tech is changing your world.


  • Ranuka Perera

    Ranuka Perera

  • Malintha Rathnaweera

    Malintha Rathnaweera

  • Kc


    A Writer (Quality over quantity). Self Acceptance & Improvement, Mental Health, Fitness, and Spirituality.

  • Tracey Fudge | Creator, LinkedAuthority™ Method

    Tracey Fudge | Creator, LinkedAuthority™ Method

    Social Media Matters Now More Than Ever. I Help You Drive Leads, Revenue & Growth Easily With Social Media.

  • Liza Aslam Chaudhry

    Liza Aslam Chaudhry

    I’m a content writer with esteem, knowledge, top-notch research skills, and tons of passion to write.

  • Vinura Thivin Perera

    Vinura Thivin Perera

    Welcome to my mind. everything from data science, marketing to self-help and travel. I am currently working as an Associate Data Scientist/ Data Engineer.

  • Stan Alexandru

    Stan Alexandru

    I’m Alex and I’m based in NYC. I’m passionate about the places I visited or discovered and about the most interesting news.

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