This is why the police can kill you: America’s dark history

Origins of Policing: Revisiting the Role of the Police

The Peelian principles went well beyond simply maintaining order and arresting criminals. At its core, they emphasized the need for public cooperation. Encouraging the police to earn the respect and approval of the communities they serve. Leaving the use of force being an option of last resort after all others have been exhausted.

The original metropolitan police force was created after the deadly Gordon riots when the military killed over 300 civilians. With a President tweeting this, how did we go back to step one? (Image credits: CNN)

The Ugly History of Racism in Policing

The very first instances of policing in the US were the infamous slave patrols (Image credits: crimethinc)
For years, historians tried to raise awareness about the 1921 Tusla Race Massacre. It wasn’t until HBO’s Watchmen premiered that people knew about it. Racism is a poorly documented blight on American history. (Image credits: The Atlantic)

In many of these incidents, “when police officers had the choice to protect black people from white mob violence, they chose to either aid and abet white mobs or to disarm black people or to arrest them,” shared, Professor of History, Race, and Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School, Khalil Muhammad.

Communist Paranoia & Racism: a Cocktail of Hate

Guns! Guns! Guns! The War on Drugs

Since the 1980s, Police Departments have been flooded with military equipment. (Image credits: Joshua L. Jones | USA TODAY NETWORK)

The Patriots Rise: A Surveillance State is Born

(Image credits: The Century Foundation)

Racism and Police Brutality in the Spotlight

(Image credits: Vox Media)
(Image credits: Jeff Kowalsky | AFP via Getty Images)
(Image credits: Jim Mone | AP)
(Image credits: Joshua A. Bickel | The Columbus Dispatch)
(Image credits: Jeff Kowalsky | AFP via Getty Images)

The coronavirus pandemic is still very real

(Image credits: CNN)

Big Tech has made this problem a LOT harder to fix

(Image credits: Buzzfeed)

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